Gift for the Maker

Give your creative loved one in the Front Range the best gift they could ask for! A TinkerMill membership and/or gift card will do the trick! As the largest makerspace in the Front Range, we have a huge variety of resources for people interested in art, technology, science, and business to learn new skills, build on existing ones, collaborate on projects, and share knowledge. 

While we cannot provide a single gift card to cover all the costs of being a TinkerMill member, we have a couple great options to offer:

  • Option #1: Purchase an annual membership for your loved one! (Sorry, we cannot offer gift cards for monthly memberships, but you can purchase an annual membership outright for a friend or family member.)
  • Option #2: Purchase a gift card in any amount for your loved one that can be used at our on-site Square processing kiosk. With this gift card, your loved one can pay for:
    • Shop Usage fees: each shop has a fee for usage (hourly, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly rates)
    • Certifications and Classes: each machine requires a certification to be granted independent access. Non-members can attend classes too! Gift cards for non-members for classes is a great way for them to try out TinkerMill without the monthly commitment. 
    • Materials-on-hand/ consumables! Every shop does not offer consumables, but some do and your loved one could purchase materials such as clay, solder, or glass to work within our shops.