TinkerMill Shop: Metalcraft, Jewelry, & Lapidary

Make jewelry and other metalcraft projects with the use of a variety of tools. Lapidary is stone cutting, shaping and polishing. This shop is located in our main space.

See upcoming classes at the bottom of this page.

Notable Equipment

Metalcraft Area:
  • Vacuum casting table
  • Neycraft burnout kiln
  • Rio enameling kiln
  • Foredom flex shaft + three other non-brand
  • Buffing machine
  • Bench sander
  • Arbe Wax injector
  • a plethora of hand tools-including stone setting, forming and polishing
  • Acetylene-air and Oxy-Acetylene torches
  • 3-in-1 Shear
  • Small Pepe Rolling Mill
Lapidary Area:
  • Lap wheel
  • 10” trim saw
  • 5” trim saw
  • Ring saw
  • Cab King Arbor with 6 wheels for forming and polishing stones
  • wax pot
  • UV viewing box
  • Core drilling bits

Crystal Hinds

Crystal Hinds is an Educator in the St. Vrain Valley Schools District, and an Artist. Her interests in TinkerMill include many of the shops, but are focused in Metalcraft and Lapidary. She is inspired by the community of makers within TinkerMill.

Contact Info: crystal.hinds@tinkermill.org, and active on slack

*Adrienne Iguchi teaches lapidary classes: adrienne.iguchi@tinkermill.org, and on Slack

Metalcraft and Jewelry: To earn independent use of the Metalcraft and Jewelry portion of the shop, monitored training is required. Individuals may take the certification series:

Metals 100-101, Metals 102 and Metals 103-4 to complete this process. In this certification series you learn how to use and will practice using hand tools, powered tools and Metalcraft torches to create a project from scratch to completion. Upon completion of this project, and under the supervision and guidance of the instructor, you will earn independent use of the shop and become safety certified for this shop.

Note: These classes are a series, and cannot be taken out of order. These classes and many more are on the class calendar on our website. If you need extra assistance, or have questions please contact the shop captain: Crystal Hinds

To earn independent use of this portion of the shop you must complete the two-part certification class. Metals 500 Lapidary 1 (the cutting of stones), and Metals 501 Lapidary 2 (the shaping of stones). These two courses will introduce you to the different tools in the shop and show you how to safely and properly use them. *Adrienne Iguchi teaches lapidary classes: adrienne.iguchi@tinkermill.org, and on Slack

Note: These classes and many more are regularly scheduled and are on our class calendar on the website. If you need extra assistance, or have any questions please contact the Shop Captains Marc Krulewitch or Crystal Hinds.

All minors under 18 must have a legal guardian with them at all times. Minimum age in Metalcraft is 14, and 16+ only in Lapidary. *special classes for under 14 in Metalcraft can be arranged through Crystal Hinds.

Only members can use the space independently after certification due to safety and community considerations. Non-members can only use the shop with another certified member present.

In addition to being a member, there is additional cost to use shop space. Shop use fees for time and consumables are used to maintain each of the shops.

Time Use:
  • Day – $10
  • Month – $50
  • Year – $400


Pay Shop Fees

There are a variety of additional classes to continue your education here at TinkerMill. 

  • Advanced Enamels
  • Electrolytic and Chemical etching
  • Lost Wax casting
  • Fold Forming
  • Raising
  • Chase and Repousse
  • Mold-Making for lost wax casting
  • stone setting sets
  • stone setting-bezel setting
  • Stone setting – Prongs 


Check calendar or reach out to shop captain for more info.

Slack Channels – #metalcraft  #lapidary

Non-members can take any class, but will not have access to equipment independently.

Open Studio Hours – unique to this shop, Crystal offers open studio hours first and second Saturdays of the month, you can rsvp on our calendar. Open Studio is an opportunity to come in without prior training and under supervision use the shop’s amenities or to learn about shop. Open studio is available to members and non-members.

Reservations required on Lapidary, and are recommended for Metalcraft and receive precedence. Please check the TM resource calendar for schedule and availability (members only).