TinkerMill Shop: Foundry

We have a foundry for aluminum sand casting. This shop is located outside in the back bay next to the pottery kilns. 

Shop Captains

Tommy Farrell

Contact Info: tommy.farrell@tinkermill.org, and active on our Slack

  • Crucilble
  • Furnace
  • Mixer
  • Flasks
  • Furnace tongs
  • Rod
  • Shank
  • Dross spoon
  • Crucible tongs
  • Aluminum 
  • Propane
  • Parting compound
  • Bench rammer

A training class is required before accessing any equipment independently in this shop. 

1. Foundry Safety & Policies Quiz: Carefully review the Safety & Policies Class Documentation here then take the online quiz at the link here

2. Foundry 101 – Basic Foundry Introduction into Aluminum Sand Casting (General Certification): In this class, students will learn the: Rules & Procedures, Core Foundry Safety Policies, gain the knowledge & hands-on experience necessary to safely use the sand Mixer, Furnace, create basic sand molds for casting and melt & cast aluminum. They will have time to do their four pours required to use the Foundry on their own. Must first take the Safety & Policy quiz prior to the certification class. 

**To use the foundry independently, two people must be present. Both the person pouring and the person who is the safety backup person must have completed the safety certification course.

Minors ages 15-17 may use the shop but must have a certified legal guardian present with them in the shop at all times and must be certified as well.  

Anyone, members and non-members, can attend classes. 
Only members can use space independently after certification due to safety and community considerations. 

In addition to being a member, there is additional cost to use shop space. Shop use fees for time and consumables are used to maintain each of the shops. 

Time and Consumable Use:
A) Propane cost is $5 per hour when actively using the furnace.
B) General shop use is $3.00/hour; $5.00/day; $12.00/week; or $30.00/month. 

Foundry 102 is currently in development to approve member certification for finishing tools. Please reach out to Shop Captain, Tommy Farrell if you are interested! (Members, find him on Slack! Non-Members can email thomas.farrell@tinkermill.org

Only members can use the space independently after certification due to safety and community considerations. Non-members may only use the space if supervised by a certified member (this member assumes all responsibility for damages). 

Reservations on our Google Resource Calendar (members only) are not required but receive precedence. 

TinkerMill provides PPE, although you are encouraged to have your own. 

Slack Channels (members only) – #foundry

If there are no classes available, feel free to email Shop Captain, thomas.farrell@tinkermill.org, to let him know you’re interested! Members can DM on Slack!