TinkerMill Shop: Flameworking

Similar to glassblowing, learn to create small three-dimensional pieces of glass art. Create molton glass using a flame and then shape with tools, blowing, and hand movements. Can also be known as lampworking. This shop is located in our main space along west wall.

Shop Captains

Jacob Hammack

Contact Info: jacob.hammack@tinkermill.org, and active on our on slack

Flameworking stations:
  • oxygen/natural gas torches (3)
  • Kiln (mini)
  • Graphite Marver Pads/rod

A training class is required before accessing any equipment independently in this shop. 

  1. Flameworking 101: This class is your introductory to the shop, learn basic skills, and hands on practice. These classes are available regularly on our MeetUp Calendar
  2. Flameworking 102: this part two of flameworking certification is scheduled at time of your 101, typically the following week. Completion of this second class will grant member’s independent use of the space.
Anyone, members and non-members, can attend classes. 
Only members can use space independently after certification due to safety and community considerations. 

In addition to being a member, there is cost associated with shop use. These are suggested donation prices that can be paid onsite. 

Gas Use:
  • $5/10bat, you will learn this procedure in your certification class.
Glass Use:
  • We do supply glass onsite at nominal cost, ranging $1-$5, and many scraps are free.

We encourage you to practice these skills independently to learn skill. Further instruction is possible upon request. Contact shop captain for more opportunities. 

Slack Channels (member’s only) – #flameworking 

Non-members can take any class, but will not have access to equipment independently.

Find additional detailed information on our wiki.