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Unleash your inner maker and become part of our growing community today!

Member Benefits

Workshops Space

Access to 16 different workshops, ranging from pottery to welding.

Discounted Classes

Access significantly discounted classes and workshops. There are also many opportunities for on-request classes that are created by the membership community.

24 / 7 Access

Members receive a keyfob to our doors. Members can also request overnight access though a simple certification video/quiz after orientation.

Awesome Community

Access other brilliant members of the organization and be part of a vibrant creative community! We have a Slack workspace, a digital communication platform, for TinkerMill member's only.

Voting Rights

Vote for members of the board and on important organizational matters.


Reserve your time to use TinkerMill's equipment and shop space. We utilize Google Calendars that are available only to members.

Limited Income

For students, starving makers, etc.
$ 30 Per Month


Our standard, and most popular, membership
$ 60 Per Month


For up to 5 people
$ 90 Per Month


For up to 5 employees
$ 120 Per Month

Annual Individual

Our standard membership for one year
$ 600 Per Year

Looking to join someone else's bundle?

please submit signed paperwork

Membership dues help fund TinkerMill and keep our space operational. 
Additionally, each shop will have fees for your time and use of consumables.

Membership Application:

1: Submit your paperwork + payment

Choose ‘join today’ above to open a member application. You will be prompted to sign a Waiver and Member Agreement. Next it will redirect to choose your membership level and enter your information. You will finish with credit card payment.

You will receive a personal email when a team member approves your application.

After that, you’re a member! You can begin to pay discounted rates for classes and use the facility.

2: New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation is every first and third Wednesday at 7:00pm. RSVPs are required. Sessions cans be found on our calendar here

In order to receive your keyfob, that grants you access to the space at odd hours and specific machinery, as well as access to our online platforms, you need to attend a New Member Orientation. This helps welcome you into our maker community, and is for the safety of our members and machinery.

Just missed the last one? No worries, once you submit your paperwork and payment you are a TinkerMill Member and can begin to use the space while you wait for the next orientation.

Need to make a change to your membership?

Direct inquires to and we will be happy to assist you.