TinkerMill Shop: Woodshop

Our community woodshop is a woodworker’s dream. Many hand tools and power tools to create your next woodworking project. The Wood Shop is built on the idea that anyone can learn woodworking and some people have varying levels of previous experience. All are welcome to learn and share knowledge in this community shop space. 

Notable Equipment

  • Hand tools
  • SawStop Table Saw
  • Shopbot CNC 
  • Lathe
  • Hammer jointer/planer 
  • Belt sander
  • Drum sander
  • Panel Saw
  • Router Table
  • Dust Collection System

Erik Akia

Erik Akia started building houses when he was 16. He obtained a mechanical engineering degree from CU late in life. He currently manages a construction company working for an exclusive client. He has a wide range of interests from woodworking, photography, blacksmithing, smelting, programming, flameworking, 3D printing, and a deep abiding love of Solidworks.

Contact Info: erik.akia@tinkermill.org  and active on Slack

Ben Bohren

Ben works a desk job in the aerospace industry and when he is not biking, skiing or kayaking you can find him teaching classes in the TinkerMill woodshop as a way of supporting this great community resource. He primarily uses TinkerMill to make awards and signs for other non-profits such as 4H and the Boy Scouts of America.

Contact Info: ben.bohren@tinkermill.org  and active on Slack

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is a retired engineer and lifelong woodworker. He specializes in Arts and Crafts era and Greene and Green furniture styles. In addition, you can find his intricate cutting boards for purchase at Bricks Retail and Simply Bulk in Longmont.

Contact Info: jeff.moore@tinkermill.org  and active on Slack

Everyone that uses our woodshop must first watch our safety video and submit a quiz. This is free and available online at your convenience. Upon completion of this safety training you will have access to space, hand tools, and hand power tools. 

All large equipment out on the floor requires training. Classes are not listed online and need to be scheduled with the Shop Captain via the instructions below.

  • (1)FIRST- Safety and Policies: This free online video and quiz will cover safe shop use and policies. This is what gives you access to shop and all hand tools and hand power tools. This must be done first before using anything in our woodshop.

These following trainings can be done in any order depending on what machines you seek access to. More info at the link below.

  • Woodshop 101: Requirement to learn safe use of drill press, miter saw, band saws, panel saw, router table, and disc/belt sander. This is a hybrid offering with video and quizzes, and then an in-person check out. See document linked below.
  • Woodshop 201: Requirement to learn safe use of combo 16″ jointer/planer and 22″ drum sander. See document linked below.
  • SawStop: This is our table saw, and class is required before use. See document linked below.
  • Wood Lathe (spindle class): Required for people that would like to use wood lathe. See document linked below.
  • ShopBot: Class is required for anyone wanting to use our ShopBot. See document linked below.
→ Detailed Instructions for Woodshop Certifications click here
Anyone, members and non-members, can attend classes. Only members can use certifiable machines independently after certification.

Certifications can be taken in any order at your preference. The only pre-requisite is the Safety and Policy video. 

All minors under the age of 18 must have a parent of legal guardian with them at all times. Minimum age 15. General policy does not allow minors to use the large floor tools, but exceptions may apply. Refer to Shop Captains’ discretion. 


Time Use – $2/hr, $5/day, $30/month

ShopBot – $10/hr (this cost is based on your TinkerAccess log-in time)

Sandpaper for drum sander available, $15 per roll/wrap. 

We encourage you to practice these skills independently and ask for help. Contact shop captain for more opportunities, and feel free to ask questions on Slack (members only). 

Slack Channels (member’s only) – #woodshop #shopbot 

Non-members can use shop space, hand tools, and hand power tools, upon completion of our free safety video and quiz. 

Reservations for members are available for machines and space, but is only required for the ShopbotWood lathe reservations are helpful to the community. 

TinkerAccess (our rfid keyfob system) is equipped on shopbot, sawstop, bandsaw and lathe. Only members that have completed training are given access on their keyfob to run these machines.