Shop fees can also be paid on-site using the following methods:

  • Place cash in the blue boxes (use envelopes to label)
  • iPad kiosk in the member office for CC transactions
  • Venmo: @tinkermill

About Shop Fees

TinkerMill is one of the largest makerspaces while also being one of the most affordable. And we accomplish this by our unique fee structure. Your membership dues were paid when you joined online, and that is a monthly subscription – set it and forget it. This membership really only covers our entrance to the building and slack access. Beyond membership, you will pay for classes as well. This will pay the instructor for their time while also investing in the maintenance of that machine. 

We also have an honor system of usage and consumable fees. The prices for each shop can vary, and that info is available on each shop’s webpage on this website, or they can be found on the blue boxes in each specific shop. For example, the woodshop asks for $2/hr, $5/day, or $30/month. But the ShopBot as well as the 80 watt laser cutter are $10/hr always. Blacksmithing because of the propane usage is $8/hr always. 

These are an honor system, no one will send you a bill or really track what your usage is. Please pay on site when you use a shop – you can do that at the front register or cash in the blue boxes around the facility. The money that you spend in the shop, both classes and honor fees, go directly to that shop. It’s unlikely that as a member you need access to EVERYTHING that is here. With this structure you are putting your money where you are spending your time. These funds will help sustain those shop areas.

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