TinkerMill Shop: Pottery

Play with clay in our ceramics studio. Space is equipped with clay, glaze, tools, wheels, and kilns. 

Notable Equipment

  • 3 wheels
  • workspace for hand building
  • kilns, 2 electric
  • small slab roller
  • tools (sponges, ribs, etc.)

Sima Pierce

Sima is an artist with a BFA in Ceramics and Fiber art. While most of her time is spent in the pottery, she also has interest in Jewelry, Flamework, Stained glass, and Textiles.

Contact Info: pottery@tinkermill.org, but direct message on Slack is best for members!


Aubrey Maryniak

Aubrey is a biochemist/herbalist hybrid by trade, but has been in love with pottery from when she first joined a studio in 2014 and has been playing with mud ever since. When she’s not making a mess in the pottery shop, you can also find her seeing live music, hammock camping, doing yoga, crocheting, baking, learning new skills or hanging out with her cat. If you see her in the wild, be sure to strike up a conversation – she usually doesn’t bite.

Contact Info: aubrey.maryniak@tinkermil.org, but direct message on Slack is best for members!

Membership and training are required to use pottery space independently, there are two classes:

  • Intro to Pottery: This class will teach you basic pottery skills to make a pinch pot, and cover safe operations of studio space. Upon completion, members will be able to use the space independently for clay working. These classes are available regularly on our MeetUp Calendar.
  • Pottery Glaze Intro: Learn how the glazing process works, and how to safety handle glaze at TinkerMill’s pottery studio. This class will give members access to use glaze in our pottery studio independently. 
Anyone, members and non-members, can attend classes. 

Time Use – $2/hr, $5/day, $20/m 

Clay – $1/lb

Kiln – Kiln firing is included when using the studio. There is a charge for each firing if only utilizing kiln, Members: $5 for bisque and $8 for glaze firing, Non-Members: $10/bisque and $16/glaze. That’s a flat rate regardless how many pieces you have. 

Glaze is included, no charge.

We encourage you to practice these skills independently upon completion of introductory classes. 

Pottery has regularly scheduled variety classes, open to members and non members. These classes do not require any previous training, all are welcome. 

  • Wheel Throwing
  • Hand Building
  • Holiday Themed Classes
  • and more!

Check our calendar for events. 

Slack Channels (member’s only) – #pottery_ceramics #pottery_kiln_team 

TinkerMill fires to cone 04 for bisque and Earthenware glaze, and cone 6 for stoneware glaze. Firing to different cones is on a case by case basis and requires different charges. We do not fire to cone 10.

Non-members can use space when a guest of a member who has completed training. 

Reservations are not required, but available to members for the four wheels. 

Pottery Classes -