TinkerMill Shop: Pottery

We are a small but fully functioning pottery studio near the fairgrounds in Longmont Colorado. As part of the TinkerMill Makerspace we are affordable and always open to new members. Whether you are looking to take just one class, joining as a member to be a hobby pottery, or looking to build your own pottery business, we are the place for you.

In Our Studio We Have:

  • Five wheels
  • A slab roller
  • A wedging table
  • A hand building table
  • And lots of tools

We have clay available for purchase, and glaze and firing are included.
We also have two kilns and offer drop and fire services for partial or full kiln loads.

Sima Pierce

Sima grew up in an art centric family in the mountains of Colorado. Her path to 3D art started
with sculpting small items in cheese wax when she was 13 and, with the support of her family,
she knew art would be a way of life for her. She began her formal education in community
college in 1994 and, after a tangent into full time motherhood, she finished her BFA with a
double concentration in Ceramics and Fiber Art at Colorado State University in 2012.

Sima became the shop captain of the pottery shop at TinkerMill in August of 2020 and
successfully grew the shop, amidst the trials of the pandemic, into the active and energetic
space it is today.

Sima is one of our instructors and teaches certification classes, intro to pottery wheel and
handbuilding, as well as multi session project-based classes.
In addition to pottery, she also has an interest in stained glass and flamework, jewelry,
woodshop, and 3D printing. She spends her time away from TinkerMill and work hanging out
with her kids, knitting, crocheting or weaving, playing Minecraft, reading, or spending the day in
the mountains.

Contact Info: pottery@tinkermill.org, but direct message on Slack is best for members!


Aubrey Maryniak

Aubrey is a biochemist/herbalist hybrid by trade, but has been in love with pottery from when
she first found pottery in 2014. She has been playing with mud ever since. Aubrey possesses
an amazing talent and is continually exploring new ways to express herself through her work.
Aubrey joined the shop captain team in 2022 just four months after joining TinkerMill. She has
been a rising star and invaluable as a co-captain in Muddy Makers Pottery.

Aubrey is one of our instructors and teaches certification classes as well as skills based classes.
When she’s not making a mess in the pottery studio she also has an interest in flamework and
stained glass. Away from TinkerMill you can find her enjoying live concerts, hammock camping,
doing yoga, crocheting, baking, learning new skills or hanging out with her cat. If you see her in
the wild, be sure to strike up a conversation – she usually doesn’t bite.

Contact Info: aubrey.maryniak@tinkermil.org, but direct message on Slack is best for members!

Training and membership are required to use the pottery studio independently.

Pottery Certification: In this three-hour class learn the policies and procedures of the studio. Get a feel for how clay works while making a pinch pot and learn how to glaze. This class is required to gain access to use the studio as a member or for non-members to attend the clay lab.

Classes can be found on our calendar under Classes & Events at tinkermill.org.

Anyone, members and non-members, can attend classes. Non-members can use the shop during Clay Lab or as a guest of a certified member.
Certified minors 14+ may work independently with a certified parent member in the building, otherwise minors under the age of 14 must have a certified parent or legal guardian with them at all times. Shop Captains may be willing to make some exceptions – please contact.

In addition to the general TinkerMill membership, each shop has different use fees which cover that shop’s budget. Choose the level of commitment that works best for you. You are not locked into your choice, so if you’re there three hours instead of one, only pay up to the next level. 

Time Use – $2/hr, $5/day, $15/week, $30/month $240/year

Clay – $1/lb

Glaze is included, no charge.

Pay Shop Fees

We also have a drop and fire service that is available to non-members, and to members who are doing all their work at home:

Non-members will need to set up an appointment to bring their work in to be fired. Keep in mind, this is only for drop and fire of work made outside the studio when less than a week ($15) of studio usage has been paid.

Fees are based on cubic inches (ci) with a minimum due, and there is a 50% discount for members. Round the cubic inch to the nearest half inch and the height of a plate is a minimum of one inch.

If you have stacking bowls that can be stacked while firing you can do your measurement stacked. To fire while stacking the rims must not be touching, so the smaller bowl must fit fully inside the outer bowl.

Minimum fee for bisque fire $5 members or $10 non-member

Minimum fee for glaze fire $8 members or $16 non-member

Per piece per cubic inch for bisque $.01 members or $.02 non-members

Per piece per cubic inch for glaze $.02 members or $.04 non-members

(a standard size mug 4.5”x4.5”x5” would be .$.80 for a member. You would be able to fire six mugs within the minimum fee. The seventh mug would take the price over $5. You would be able to glaze five of those mugs within the $8 minimum for member glaze. The sixth mug would increase the price.)

There is a flat rate if you rent the whole kiln. It is done by appointment only and comes with a loading fee for the kiln crew member who loads your work.

Mini Kiln 2.6cf (5,832ci) $25 members / $40 non-members

Large kiln 5.7cf (11,638ci) $45 members / $75 non-members

Applicable fees must be paid at the time of use.


We encourage you to practice these skills independently upon completion of introductory classes. 

Pottery has regularly scheduled variety classes, open to members and non members. These classes do not require any previous training, all are welcome. 

  • Wheel Throwing
  • Hand Building
  • Holiday Themed Classes
  • and more!

Check our calendar for events. 

Slack Channels (member’s only) – #pottery_ceramics

TinkerMill fires to cone 04 for bisque and cone 6 for stoneware glaze. Firing to different cones is on a case by case basis and requires different charges. We do not fire to cone 10 at this time.

Non-members are welcome as the guest of a certified member but must pay shop fees as well.

Reservations for space are not required but available to members and recommended if you are coming from out of town.