TinkerMill Shop: Welding

Join metals together for a variety of project use. TinkerMill has a MIG and TIG welder. Shop is located outside in our back bay, along side blacksmithing.

Notable Equipment

  • MIG Welding for steel (Lincoln Electric)
  • TIG Welder for steel, stainless, aluminum 
  • Oxyacetylene Torches
  • Stick Welder
  • Abrasive Chopsaw
  • Metal Bandsaw

Tim Marsho

Contact info: timothy.marsho@tinkermill.org, and active on Slack

A training class is required before accessing any equipment independently in this shop. 

  1. MIG Cert 101: This class is your introductory to the shop, learn basic skills, and hands on practice. After completion of this class, members can use MIG Welder independently. These classes are available regularly on our MeetUp Calendar
  2. TIG Cert 101: must have taken MIG to attend a TIG class. This class will teach you steel applications, DC process. 
  3. TIG Cert 201: this part two of TIG certification you will learn aluminum application, AC process. Completion of this second class will grant member’s independent use of the TIG Welder.
Members and non-members can attend classes. 

In addition to being a member, there is cost associated with shop use. 

Gas Use:
  • $10/hr, you will learn this procedure in your certification class.

We encourage you to practice these skills independently. Shop is not currently offering additional classes, but do hope to in the future. Contact shop captain to inquire for more opportunities. 

Slack Channels (member’s only) – #welding 

Non-members can take any class and access basic metal tools such as saws. Only members can access the MIG or TIG Welders. 

Welding Upcoming Classes -

click on view details to read important descriptions for each class

classes are open to everyone, members can use discount code MEMBER25 for 25% off classes