TinkerMill Shop: Paint Shop

The Paint Shop is located in the Back Bays on the west side of the property. This area is a dedicated space to sand, prep, paint and stain small items.

Notable Equipment

  • Spray booth
  • Two 40lb media blasting cabinets
  • Work Tables and chairs
  • Drying racks
  • High volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun
  • Adjustable painting easel
  • Limited painting supplies such as sand paper and masking tape
  • Two pairs of saw horses – one set light duty, and one set heavy duty
  • Utility cart

Chad Marks

Contact Info: paintshop@tinkermill.org, and active on Slack for members! 


Stephen Beaton

Contact info: paintshop@tinkermill.org and active on Slack for members!

Certification on Blast Media Cabinets Required.

If you would like to teach a class or if you would like additional information regarding utilizing this shop, please reach out to the Shop Captains.  

Non-members can take any class but only members can access the shop and equipment independently.

$3/hour, $6/day, $20/week

Slack Channels (member’s only) – #paintshop

Reservations are not required.

Non-members can take any class but only members can access the shop and equipment independently.

Please adhere to the following policies when working in the shop.

  • Some equipment requires certification training before use. Look for labels on equipment and ask a shop captain if in doubt.
  • DO NOT smoke or vape at any time while working in the Paint Shop. If you observe violations of this rule, please notify a shop captain or the operations manager.
  • DO NOT use unapproved paints or chemicals anywhere in the shop. If you cannot purchase the product at a hardware store in Boulder County, it cannot be used without prior approval from a shop captain.
  • Spray paint can only be used in the Spray booth. If your workpiece is too big to place in the Spray Booth, then it cannot be painted in the Paint Shop. In the future, we may construct a larger spray booth, but we are currently limited in our capabilities. In some cases it has been possible for members to make arrangements to rent space at TinkerMill for larger painting project. For more information, contact the operations manager.
  • Do not test paints on the shop floor, spray booth, or other equipment. Use your own sample board or scrap material for that purpose.
  • Note the location of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment in the shop before beginning work.
  • Wear proper personal protective equipment, including eye protection, an N-95 or similar mask, and disposable gloves. A shop apron or painting smock is recommended to protect clothing.
  • Ensure that the work area is clear of obstacles and trip hazards. Be aware of your surroundings and other activities happening in the shop while working in the shop.
  • Cleaned up spills immediately.
  • Keep all flammable chemicals, such a paint thinner and other solvents, in the flammables cabinet. And, keep the flammables cabinet door closed.
  • Do not disconnect any shop equipment unless you have been instructed to do so as part of certification training.
  • Leave the shop cleaner than you found it!
Environmental Care

Note that the west parking lot, driveway, and floor of the back bays all drain into a creek on the west side of the property that flows into Lake TinkerMill. Any chemical spills, whether deemed hazardous or not, should be cleaned up in place with an absorbent and/or appropriate cleaner. Spills should NOT be hosed out the back of the bay