TinkerMill Shop: Blacksmithing

We have access to a forge and common tools with instructors here to help you. Shop is located outside in one of our back bays, next to welding. 

Shop Captains

Jason Akia

Contact Info: jason.akia@tinkermill.org, and active on our Slack

  • Forge
  • Anvils
  • Belt grinder 6in wide x 48in with flat plate
  • Belt grinder 2in wide x 48in with flat plate
  • variety of hand tools

A training class is required before accessing any equipment independently in this shop. 

  1. Blacksmithing Safety Course: learn safe operations of shop, and create an incense holder from a horseshoe. Completion of this class will grant members independent use of space. Class is regularly available on our calendar
Anyone, members and non-members, can attend classes. 
Only members can use space independently after certification due to safety and community considerations. 

In addition to being a member, there is cost associated with shop use. These are suggested donation prices that can be paid onsite. 

Time and Consumable Use:
– $8/hr to use shop, this includes your cost for forge gas. 

We encourage you to practice these skills independently and ask for help. Further instruction is possible upon request. Contact shop captain for more opportunities. 

Slack Channels (member’s only) – #blacksmithing

Non-members can take any class, but will not have access to equipment independently.

TinkerMill provides PPE, although you are encouraged to have your own. 

Find additional detailed information on our wiki.