TinkerMill Shops: Additional Capabilities

Additional Capabilities

Paint Shop

This area is a dedicated space to sand, prep, paint and stain small items.

  • Spray booth
  • Two 40lb media blasting cabinets
  • Work Tables and chairs
  • Drying racks
  • High volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun
  • Adjustable painting easel
  • Limited painting supplies such as sand paper and masking tape
  • Two pairs of saw horses – one set light duty, and one set heavy duty
  • Utility cart


More info at the link here. 


Contact: paintshop@tinkermill.org


HAM Radio

TinkerMill has the best station inside the Longmont City limits for working DX and is definitely within the top 10 stations in Boulder county in that regard.

The main antenna is a Mosley Pro-67 mounted at 65 feet on a Rohn-25G tower. This antenna covers 40m (3el), 30m (1el), 20m (3el), 17m (2el), 15m(3el), 12m (2el) and 10m (4el). The antenna is turned with a Yaesu G2800 rotor. We also have 2 dipole antennas for 80 amd 160m.

Contact: sebastian.wessels@tinkermill.org  and active on Slack


Astronomy Club

TinkerMill’s Astronomy Club hosts regular events such as Astronomy on the Sidewalk and monthly Star Parties at new moon. Peering into the night skies and creating out-of-this-world images, anyone with the slightest interest in astronomy check them out! 

More info at the link here!

Contact: astronomy@tinkermill.org and #astonomy channel on Slack for members


IT Infrastructure 

The IT Infrastructure at TinkerMill consists of a few desktops, laptops and printers distributed throughout the facility for use by members. There are a few dedicated machine side PC’s for interfacing with pieces of equipment such as the Laser cutter, the ShopBot and 3D printers. In addition we have a small hypervised server infrastructure for local monitoring and backup functions.

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