TinkerMill Shop: Stained Glass

Area in our main space with tools and training dedicated to stained glass.

Notable Equipment

This Shop offers the following resources:

  • Sheet glass (for purchase by weight), both larger pieces and scrap
  • Waffle grid work surfaces
  • Safety glasses
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Fiber project boards
  • Project storage for in-progress work (for TinkerMill members only), with occupancy limits
  • Morton layout system tools (layout bars, pins)
  • Chemicals and finishing compounds
  • Heavy metals-removing hand soap
  • Glass-shaping tools:
    • 2x Techniglass “The Grinder” grinder + assorted grit bits
    • 1x Glastar “Super Star II” grinder + assorted grit bits
    • 1x Gryphon Omni-Saw
    • 1x Gryphon belt sander
    • Glass cutters
    • Pliers: Running, Nippers, Breaking, Grozing/Nippers
  • Soldering Station
    • Leaded solder
    • Lead-free solder & dedicated iron for use with lead-free solder
    • Smoke absorber
    • Soldering irons

Kelli Noirot

Kelli Noirot joined TinkerMill in 2017 and is currently a full-time hardware engineer at a startup in Denver, a mechanical engineering graduate student at CU Boulder, and is otherwise a walking toolbox of assorted tinkering skills. She’s been a stained glass artist doing projects on the side ever since learning in 2007/2008 and holds interests in 3D printing, laser cutting, wood work, electronics, and sewing. She currently teaches the Intro to Stained Glass classes at TinkerMill, with plans for many other course offerings to come in time (both introductory and intermediate-levels).

Contact Info: stainedglass@tinkermill.org, and active on Slack

Kaitlyn Payne

Contact Info: stainedglass@tinkermill.org, and active on Slack

No certification is required to use our stained glass shop if you have prior experience. Intro class is required for certification if no prior experience. Find this class scheduled regularly on our calendar. If you don’t see a class reach out to the Shop Captain.

  • Intro to Stained Glass: This class will teach you operations and safety of our stained glass shop. It covers process of completing a basic piece to take home with you. 
Anyone, members and non-members, can attend classes but only members can use the shop independently. 
All minors under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at all times. No children under 14, no exceptions.

$5/day, $20/week, $80/month

Consumables such as foil and solder are available for purchase from Captains or Admin. 

We encourage you to practice these skills independently to learn skill. Check the #stained_glass channel on Slack and the TM online calendar for more opportunities. 

Safety Rules and Info:

  • This shop primarily uses leaded solder, which is known as a toxic material when consumed. Lead-free solder is available by special request and limited use only.
  • No dogs or children under 12, no exceptions. Always assume there are glass shards on the floor that can get stuck in dog paws.
  • Whenever glass cutting, grinding, or soldering is actively taking place by anyone in the space, not just by you, safety glasses are required at all times by all shop occupants.
  • Closed-toed shoes required at all times when working in the shop
  • Legs must be covered to the knee when soldering (burn risk), via appropriate clothing and/or an apron (aprons currently not provided).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Certification required?
    • Certification is not required for this shop, but common sense and prior experience is required if you have not taken any classes or otherwise been taught elsewhere.
  • Can I do fusing here?
    • This shop is currently not equipped with a kiln for glass fusing or slumping, nor is the glass sorted by fusible vs. non-fusible.
  • Can I make projects with lead came?
    • Sort of, but not well for now. The shop is not yet equipped with the tools to create panels with lead came and border, such as stretching tools, but this may change in the future.
  • Can I bring my own materials, like glass?
    • Absolutely! Just be sure to clearly identify your materials if left with a project on a board, otherwise please take any of your personal tools and materials with you or they may be unintentionally absorbed into the shop’s material inventory.

Slack Channels (members only) – #stained_glass

Reservations (members only) are on a drop-in basis however when a class is scheduled it reserves the entire shop. Check our online calendar or members should check our Google calendar resource to see the Stained Glass class schedule.

If there are no classes available, feel free to email stainedglass@tinkermill.org, to let them know you’re interested!