380 Main Street Window Display

TinkerMill and the Longmont Downtown Development Authority are proud to present a unique lighting display at 380 Main Street for the enjoyment of you and your family for the holiday season. This art installation was envisioned and created by the talented makers at Colorado’s biggest and best makerspace – TinkerMill! Since then we have been asked to continue to evolve our display through the first quarter of 2024! 

The main part of the installation consists of LED curtain walls that were designed, fabricated, wired, and programmed by a team of TinkerMill members. We also have on display a curated selection of artwork and other decorative items that were made by our “TinkerMillian” makers, artisans, and creatives. Keep an eye out and watch it evolve! 

Please be aware this is only a window display – TinkerMill is not located at 380 Main St. We are located at 1840 Delaware Unit A, Longmont CO 80501. Learn more about TinkerMill below!

Thank you to our 380 Main Window Team:

CE Raum

Monte McCracken

Aaron Adler

Andrew James

Eric Pflug

Tim Marsho

Don Vukovic

Zoey Sherry

Luke Collier

Trace Rocks

Jay Simelda-Longe

Monica Fitzpatrick

Chad Marks

Tyler Dow

Zach Berkowitz

Connor Bowlin

Kate Border

Larry Brittingham

Molly Carmer

Jessica Augustus

Sally Massad

Stephen Beaton

Christie Snelson

Erin Hoard 

Honorable mentions: Moxie and Harley

Would you like to learn more about TinkerMill? Visit our Home page for an overview of our mission, and then visit the Shops page for a list of all the work areas and examples of tools that we have available. For information about becoming a member, visit the Membership page. And, we have free tours of the facility every Sunday 2-4pm with a guided tour at 2pm! Please come by!

1840 Delaware Pl Unit A, Longmont, CO 80501

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Aerial shot of 380 Main Street, Longmont, CO.380 Main Street is available for lease! This is a unique opportunity to lease the main floor space and/or 2nd floor space in the Heart of Downtown Longmont at what was formerly the Woolworth’s Store. To learn more about this property and to view a brochure, visit the property details page on the LDDA website.