We were donated a Mitsubishi 4kw CO2 laser in 2023, members donated to upgrade our power to use it, and we are currently working toward finishing the final phases of that goal. Please be patient with us as it gets powered and as we integrate it into TinkerMill.

This laser can cut a 4’x8′ sheet of 3/4″ thick mild steel! Applications include signs, art installations, architectural custom pieces, electronic housings, conveyor replacement parts, and so much more. Not only will this power upgrade run the 4kw laser, it will also make TinkerMill more capable for future endeavors! This project is still underway and timeline uncertain. We are currently gathering bids and plans from electrical engineers. Still seeking corporate sponsorships! Contact erin.hoard@tinkermill.org

What can it do?

Metals it can cut:

  1. Mild Steel (A-36 low carbon) kind you buy at any steel supplier Ex:  ½” thick steel box wrench on laser bed
  2. Stainless Steel (304 ,309, 316) (meaning different amounts of Nickel/Chrome %)
  3. Aluminum (series 3004 – Al cans) kids toys, series 4043 light structural,
  4. Series 5052 (base & top Al cans), 6000 series (aircraft), 7000 aircraft struct)
  5. Copper (custom shapes for electronic boards, large electrical cabinet “bus bars”)
  6. Many others (Titanium, Inconel, Hastaloy)
  7. Can also cut plywood, some plastics (toxic off gassing)

How big can it cut? 

4 foot by 8 foot, 3/4” thick (bed can carry 1500 lbs) 

  1. Mild Steel ½” thick, 4’x8’ (700 lbs), 54IPM (inches per minute) Or… 8 foot long end to end, 1 minute. Using basic gas (Oxygen assist) & water cooling, laser at 50% power. Accurate to .005” (5 Thousandths)
  2. Mild Steel 1” thick, 4’x8’ (1400 lbs), 38IPM  Using proprietary Tri-Gas mix Cryogenic (-150F) (Oxygen, Helium, Argon) Laser & cooling @ 100% power
  3. Stainless Steel & Aluminum ¼” thick 42IPM Using Nitrogen gas (N2) & water cooling. Accurate to .005” 
  4. Stainless Steel & Aluminum ⅜” thick 32IPM Using N2, water cooling, Cryogenic Tri-mix gas. Accurate to .005”



sign making, art installations, architectural custom pieces (pieces for home interiors: gussets, brackets, trays, holders, staircase details), small plate parts for start-ups & medium-size manufacturing, electronics housings/cases, electronics cooling plates/heat sinks, conveyor replacement parts, plate parts, off road plated for fabrication of bumpers, roof racks, battery boxes, propane boxes, skid plates, etc.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship levels are available. Interest should be directed to Executive Director, Erin Hoard (Erin.Hoard@TinkerMill.org)

Thank you for your help make TinkerMill even more awesome!